Thursday, April 10, 2014

Things I Want to See in Australia

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Not much; just these 2 things: a huge rock and some "living fossils".

Any recommendations for 'Things to see in Adelaide'?


  1. Is it a rethorical question? Because I have spent 2 years reading and re-reading an Australian voyage guide, so, yes, I have some ideas of what you could do ;)

    1. Definitely rhetorical ;) But yes please, do tell me more! I've been absolutely lazy.

  2. I went to South Australia last year for a holiday (I live in the West). The two places I really enjoyed were Kangaroo Island and The Coorong, the former for it's cottage-type industries and slow pace and the latter for the ever-changing landscape and it's history. Everybody talks up the Barossa and Hahndorf is quite nice but very touristy.Haigh's chocolates in Adelaide are expensive, but fairtrade and quite yum :)


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