Monday, April 21, 2014

First Hike in Australia

20.Apr.14 20.Apr.14 20.Apr.14

Officially our first outdoorsy event in Australia -- a short hike in the national park in the neighbourhood. (We are obviously taking our sweet time in exploring this place.)

This is a short but rugged summit trail in the Black Hill Conservation Park. Such new sights and sounds. Definitely rugged.

We took 1.5 hours going up and down. I took my time with the descent. The years have taken its toll on my knees and I do not have sure-footing with these steep loose rocks. Yes, that means it's not unusual for me to slip and fall.

P.S. There are no skyscrapers in Adelaide. Was told it was because of flight paths... I think it gives Adelaide the small country-town feel.


  1. Was it warm there or was the weather perfect?
    I miss the gum trees!

  2. Looks very rugged, its pretty rugged here but in a very different way. Interesting thing Adelaide not having skyscrapers! Even little Wellington has them.


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