Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Broccoli and Carrots, Again and Again...

Every week, I load the cart with broccoli and carrot. Every, single, time; just so automatically. Cooking started to get frighteningly boring until I decided to challenge myself with a would-be blog show-and-tell -- to vary ways of cooking (and eating) the broccoli-and-carrot duo. These were what I came up with over the past weeks.

*Chicken 'n carrots meatball "clear stew" with broccoli. It is a lot more soupy than pictured.

*A very lazy tossed noodle, because I had some balls of skinny wanton noodles to use.

*Just steamed.

*Vegetarian yeemee for that starchy MSG fix.

Eventually I'd like to roast them in winter. And curries! Tempura vegetables would be nice, apart from the baneful need for a substantial amount of oil?

Do you also ever find yourself in a monotonous cooking rut?


  1. Your "lazy noodles" look very good. I feel I'm almost always in a cooking rut despite the wide variety of recipes on my Pinterest account. Sometimes I just don't want to make anything complex.

  2. Yes! I'm bored out of my mind with my cooking. Any inspiring websites you can suggest? Your lazy noodles look fab.....

  3. All of your meals look amazing! I want to come and eat at your house. I'm always in a cooking rut, we tend to eat a lot of mexican food and stir fry just because they are so easy.


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