Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cooler Seventh Week in Adelaide

Deciding that this lull period would be the best opportunity for me to explore the city of Adelaide, I dashed out one morning from my summer hiding as soon as the forecast predicted an agreeable cloudy-and-rainy-below-30°C day. I thought to explore the Rundle Mall, and found myself spending a fair bit of time in Adelaide Arcade.

In the Textile and Arts Collective shop, I found a gift. (Not for me.) What I learned about TARTS is: it is a collective effort behind 30+ local artists. The shop features works by each of them, and on a rotational basis, one artist mans the store. I like this idea a whole lot.

IMG_0219 IMG_0222

Earlier this week, I decided to trek the CBD by getting lost. Taking the free tram to South Terrace, I zig-zagged my way up north throughout the day (see purple track, below), concluding that there is nothing of interest to me in the streets south of Gouger. And thanks, Miriam, I found the 'Kawaii Always $2.80' shop!

I seem to have an inclination for the Central Market and found myself wandering into a food court of the adjoining Chinatown. The prospect of 'Singapore Delights' did not sway my decision in going for a fresh plate of prawn Vietnamese spring rolls which may be my latest addiction, next to bubble tea.

Yesterday I attended my first Bikram yoga class. Yoga conducted in a 40°C room. Very ironic for someone who spent all that time avoiding the summer heat?!? I did not know I was capable of sweating, and that much, too. I was thankful for the shower facility as I was to meet someone after.

Speaking of meets, in these seven weeks, I have met: Sarah, Miriam, Sharyn and Stella, in chronological order. Always nice to meet in person and do something fun...

Not long now before our belongings arrive -- I am shaking in excitement and just dying to burst into working on my Etsy store! It has been over 8 weeks since we parted with our belongings and if you can imagine how every shred of my being is trying to cope with the dearth of entertainment? Barely, just barely.

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  1. Glad you found the kawaii and glad to be the M among the s's! :0)


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