Thursday, March 13, 2014

5 Weeks in Adelaide

Five weeks (plus some days) since arriving in South Australia.

~ Longing for cooler weather. ~ Icky and sticky from sunscreen, just to hang the laundry -- that sizzle on the shoulder for missing a spot. ~ Cruel UV rays. ~ Unending cravings for large cold bubble teas; a conditioned reflex to heat. ~ May get used to commuting to the city? ~ Seeking refuge in Hub's city office frequently. ~ Made a few connections! ~ Puzzling coins in front of stores. ~ Grew to enjoy Vegemite with butter on toast. ~ Itching to craft, but when?! ~

Looking forward to exploring the city. Don't worry, Adelaide, I've got time.


  1. This all looks like a fantastic change from Switzerland. ;) I wold love to be posted to Australia for a few years.


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