Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Beginnings in South Australia

This heat and the ever friendly Adelodians. I decided that sunshine makes for happier people, but I highly disapprove of the UV.

It's been one week since arriving in Adelaide. We got our new mobile numbers, bought a car, figured out the Adelaide Metro (bus), experienced the inconvenience of a blackout, and prepared for Pickle's "homecoming".

As newcomers to the city, we are temporarily putting up in a one-bedroom apartment near the city via AirBnB. This would be our starting base as we house-hunt for a place of our own. Did you know that prospective tenants are required to personally inspect and register at each property viewing? We would have viewed over 10 properties by now.

Pickle was released from the Melbourne quarantine facility yesterday, Sunday 9th February, and was flown to Adelaide. As predicted, the pet mover arrived at our doorstep at half-past two where we received the restless and voiceless Pickle. (She must have complained her whole way through. Typical.)

Dehydrated, a little weight loss and an untidy fur coat, Pickle is the same girl. She won't let us out of her sight, very understandably. (She was isolated and flown-about for 35 days!) 

I will be blogging sparingly from my mobile due to limited data and limp 3G network. Looking forward to having our own internet and space!


  1. Yah! I'm glad you made it to Adelaide safely and that you have been reunited with Pickle. Best of luck with your house hunting xoxox

  2. It all seems pretty exciting to me! Can't wait to see your new house...though the flat looks nice too ;)
    And give Pickle a cuddle for me!

  3. Yay, the family is complete again. I am so happy that Pickles is back with you and has come through it all quite well.

  4. Sunshine and hot weather are definitely a change to the previous American-crazy-cold -snowy scenery!
    I was wondering how you will cope with the heat indeed...
    Good luck with the house hunting!

  5. Hi Juanita
    Glad to see you have got there safely and are reunited with Pickle. Happy house-hunting!

  6. I'm glad you've ALL made it to Adelaide safely and are starting to settle in. Good luck house hunting!

  7. Yeah, the heat is intense and you may soon learn the Australian salute (waving of your hands as you shoo the flies away)..I lived in Adelaide ,worked at the hospital on my last year of school many years ago. There is so much to see and do. Glad your family is united. You will love the kangaroos and koalas!

  8. Welcome welcome welcome to Australia!

  9. Hello and welcome to Adelaide and South Australia! So glad you have Pickle in your arms, so good to see.
    I hope you enjoy SA, I've lived in our small town all my life and don't think I ever need to move, although I do love to travel OS!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, catch you soon!

    Joolz xx

  10. Glad everything went well with your move. It sounds like you've definitely been busy. I hope you're having fun checking out your new home town in the midst of trying to settle in. Good luck with the house hunting!


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