Saturday, January 18, 2014

US Diary 50

On Monday, a man from the shipping company surveying our apartment walked past the refrigerator and commented, "That is a beautiful cat." Isn't he.

With a long-forgotten inspiration to make my own croissants, in the cabinet stood a lonesome packet of bread flour. I spent one afternoon trying out a baguette recipe. (BTW, can you also spot the Krustenkranz bread in the picture above? The miniature food collectibles were given to me by Janet, and I turned them into magnets. Fond memories of Swiss food.)

A returning Etsy customer so kindly helped herself to two bags from my store. Little acts of appreciation like this go a long (long) way. I hope to continue sewing bags in Adelaide... And worry about shipping costs later.

Our shelves and drawers are bare as we await the movers, and I busy my mornings with remaining sessions at the yoga centre.

The pet mover has passed Pickle on to the Spotswood quarantine facility. I am so happy to finally have an update:

How many more days to February 11th? Please lend me your fingers to count.


  1. SO glad you finally got an update from Pickles! :)

    And the shelf situation is similar over here - I'm just glad the moving company will do the rest of the packing. Hallelujah!


  2. Glad Pickles has arrived safely.
    Sarah x

  3. Yah! Pickle arrived safely in Australia! Do you leave on 11 Feb? Or is that when you are due in Adelaide?

  4. Hooray! I'm so glad you got that update about Pickles. I hope Pickles is doing okay away from home.

  5. Aww bless pickle! Love all the recent photos of her! Glad she has arrived safely! xx

  6. Fluffy was a beautiful cat indeed. I see the Swiss minis have been turned into magnets! :)


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