Thursday, January 16, 2014

US Diary 49: Empty Nest

Photo of Pickle taken in a cattery in Los Angeles sent to me from the pet mover. We miss this sweet pie terribly and this picture was so precious to receive!

Going by the pet mover's plan, Pickle would have made her longest journey to Victoria, Australia, arriving on January 10th. In my side of the world that Friday, I had a bibimbap lunch with Cathy -- my fourth bibimbap since being introduced to it -- and we enjoyed a visit to Anthropologie. Walking out empty-handed quite surprised me.

Spent the weekend packing up my sewing room and awaiting The Hubs' return from India. And by packing I mean emptying drawers and chucking contents wholesale into shopping bags... It wasn't too long ago that I was unpacking these things from boxes.

We can conclude that I do not need to buy any more fabric, and the house feels empty without my furry sidekick.


  1. Take it easy darling! I know how you feel... Keep busy and enjoy this last days with your friends... big hug

  2. It won't be long until you are reunited with Pickle! I most likely never *need* to buy fabric again (but I am sure I will)


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