Wednesday, January 8, 2014

US Diary 43 to 48: Thanksgiving and On

End November saw Christmas decorations being put up. The Hubs and I did not have any Thanksgiving plans; a quick drive through the town saw all shops being shut save for a Chinese restaurant. That was an extremely quiet and long weekend.

Early December let us take a road trip to Boston. It was a work visit. For just a night. The next morning saw us taking a detour to Plymouth where we fueled our bellies with a hearty brunch, followed by a quick drive home to Pickle cuddles.

We had snow.

Friday the 13th let me hang out with Sogol in the city. It was the most leisurely day out in the city: a warm Iranian soup for brunch; browsing for boots in shoe stores; and a little trek-around in a quirky Chinatown store.

Sogol and I also discovered a little gem of a Japanese restaurant. I had sea urchin for the first time, and I am hooked!

Pickle got her paws wet with the Northeastern snow on Dec 17th. She did not enjoy that. In her excited state at home, she nudged a pushpin off the cork board with her nose and swallowed it right before my eyes. A frightened call was made to the animal hospital where we were advised to feed her high fiber canned food, and to wait it out for a couple of days. The pushpin is an inch long.

December 17th saw the beginnings of merry feasting with friends and a full house with the visiting Conservation Drones family.

Pickle's pushpin did not show up in her litter box or X-ray after 48 hours. That was a mysterious pushpin and piece of good news to be celebrated -- we let her supervise the drive home, only taking the wheel when we reached our driveway, don't worry.

Gifts from a Santarina from Venice landed at our doorstep on Christmas Eve. It was a Christmas miracle performed by the postal carriers!

Christmas morning gave us the warm smells of pumpkin-pie-spiced banana muffins -- a recipe I now will go to for moist banana muffins. Lunch was a cozy affair with friends at a Chinese restaurant (What else is open for the holidays?!), one that we last visited in 2008. Christmas evening was made enjoyable with 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' at the cinema.

The year end saw a recipe try-out with the most buttery but yummy cupcakes ever, and a two-movies-in-a-week-and-too-much-popcorn sort of decadence with another fun film, 'American Hustle'.

No parties or fireworks for New Year's Eve, it was getting reacquainted and catching up with old friends we last saw six years ago over dim sum, watching snow flurries fall on the pretty university campus.

I guess you can call that a cozy new year.

Having said that, the number of weeks left to this sabbatical year -- and US Diary -- is less than a handful away...

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  1. This is a lovely post - I love all the wintery photos. I guess your next Christmas and New Years will be in summer time!


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