Saturday, January 11, 2014

The One Where I Show You My Shoes

The rewarding bit about packing up for a move is taking stock and revisiting memories along the way. And also chucking the bad things out.

Let's talk about shoes. If shoes are telling of a person's personality, I wonder what mine say. For sure I am a big fan of walking. What do your shoes say?

There are 12 pairs of footwear to my name:
* 1 new pair joined us in 2013;
* a couple of them are over 10 years old;
* a pair are men's shoes which are way more comfortable than women's, I can attest;
* 4 are leather, sorry; and
* most have a respectably thick cushy sole.

FYI: Received a great tip from friend Jasmin regarding storing / standing sloppy boots -- a rolled up magazine does the trick! I have heard "That's a great use of The Economist'" twice now from amused folks.

And yes, I am guilty of washing sneakers (or trainers) in the washer.

USA 2013 // Rome 2012 // Switzerland 2011

Switzerland 2009 // Singapore 2001-2 // Singapore 2012 // USA 2011

Singapore 2012 // USA 2011 // Singapore 2001-2 // USA 2008 // USA 2008


  1. That's definitely a good way to recycle some of my magazines! I love the very first pair of boots pictured.

  2. I had to throw out my brown boots about a month ago, they finally died. I never thought I would wear brown boots much and I am surprised how much I did wear them. I now need a new pair! Nice tip about using magazines to hold boots up.

  3. Hi Juanita
    this is really interesting. My conclusion - I need to go out and buy more shoes.....:)

  4. Hi Juanita! I agree with your observation... revisiting old memories while packing.. in my case, while decluttering. I usually end up spending more time than expected and end up having those jumble of emotions.

    Wishing you a great week ahead Juanita!

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  6. I love shoes! And I love taking a peek at other people's shoe collections. So fun! I may have to do the same!

  7. oooh, this is fun! Love seeing other people's shoes. I should do this too, and I will get around it just as soon as taking all the shoes out of their boxes doesn't sound like waaaaay too much work.


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