Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pickle the Adventure Cat, Part One / Big Move Phase One

Phase One of our Big Move to Australia was initiated on January 6th (yesterday) morning when a representative from the pet moving company came to collect Pickle.

Pickle was unaware of what was going on as we laid all her travel documents, towel and a small container of treats on the table. To be honest I didn't look forward to Pickle's pick-up to arrive; I had just said goodbye to Fluffy in November and this parting hit a raw nerve. (Furthermore I hadn't had breakfast and was getting hangry.)

Ever so abruptly, Helen from the pet moving company entered our house, swiftly put Pickle into a crate, was handed over original copies of Pickle's documents and the "comfort" items I wanted Pickle to have, turned around, and left. I didn't get to say goodbye to Pickle and suffered what I believe you would classify as a bad separation anxiety. (My poor baby girl!)

Good thing is having a rational brain otherwise known as The Hubs alongside, or I would have gone hysterical. (How I became such a possessive and crazy cat person, I do not know...)

Having requested for some information on Pickle's updates, I tracked her flight, giving my wild mind some peace. Pickle made it across the United States! Part One of her big adventure is now complete; three more parts to go.

I say Pickle deserves the Brave 'N Adventurous Kitty Award. Don't mind me if I start a count down to keep me sane... It is 35 more days to February 10th!


  1. Safe travels, Pickle! That's quite the journey for anyone to make!

  2. Pickle looks very relaxed before her journey began! Hope the time flies until February the house must feel so quiet without her.
    Sarah x

  3. Be brave, Pickle! But you will be so glad to have gone through this, Juanita! I still get upset when I remember having to leave my cats behind when my family moved and opted to not put the animals through quarantine.

  4. Oh how hard. I can understand this must be awful for you. I would be torn. But I'm sure the moving company understands the angst that goes with this, so they move fast to rip it off quick like a bandaid. Sometimes it feels harsh but helps us. Look forward to seeing you reunite with Pickle on the other side of the world! x

  5. I know its tough - but she will be fine and super happy to see you when you are reunited!

  6. It is nice they keep you updated. Please keep us updated too :)

  7. Picke indeed deserves the Brave 'N Adventurous Kitty Award!!! Praying for your little baby :)
    And yes, DO keep us updated too, please! :)

  8. So sorry the pick-up was a little insensitive Juanita, but the email you received seemed pretty nice. Seems they are taking good care of Pickle.


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