Friday, December 27, 2013

The Yarny Projects of 2013

A year of 3 and a half yarny projects.

Psychedelic Silk Yarn dress
This psychedelic silk yarn dress was completed in January 2012. It elongated after each round of wash and the colours ran. When we moved to New Jersey in February, I unraveled this dress and began a re-knit session with my own pattern. There was a small ball of purple wool yarn that I bought from a wool farm in Switzerland -- I included that to extend the sleeves. This reworked dress remains long; I might have to be careful with each time I hand wash it.

Even though it no longer is as bright and psychedelic as it once was, I like the blended violet tone. One time in a Korean restaurant in NYC, a lady paid me a compliment. It makes me happy that I'm not the only crazy purple lady.

Tiger Granny Square blanket
Second yarny project was a crochet one. A simple giant granny square made from acrylic yarn bought while being idle in Walmart. It began in June and was completed in November. No pattern was needed as it is a granny square. That kept my hands busy for months.

Pom pom hat
Third yarny project began while being bored on Thanksgiving day and having completed the crochet blanket... Also, I needed a hat. There was a knitted cowl neck dress (I made) that was not worn often simply due to its itchy cowl collar. Because I made that dress, I had the license to unravel it as well: Took apart the cowl collar and turned that portion into a hat. Created a matching pompom with leftover yarn from granny blanket. The formerly-unloved knitted dress is now worn frequently throughout this winter. So is the hat.

Longest Work-In-Progress for 2013
This... This knitting project is an epic work-in-progress. As part of a de-stash, I was kindly given 2 skeins of "eco wool" from a lady I met online on Ravelry. We met for coffee in town -- in Feb/Mar -- while I was still awaiting the arrival of our belongings from Switzerland. This wool yarn was to get me started and to give me reason to meet up with the knitting group. I never made it to that particular knitting group due to the incompatible schedule.

I thought I had great plans for this yarn, but each cast on was met with dissatisfaction -- I unraveled it several times and let it fall by the wayside and moved on to other projects. Honestly I did not know what to make and when I did, I lacked the confidence in having enough yarn... It was only early this month that I decided to attempt a dress or tunic. Going to my default preferred knitting pattern, this will be a simple top-down knitted raglan sleeve dress. More yarn could be added to make it to a desired length. Fingers crossed!

Finished the dress in the last couple of hours of 2013. Was all eager to wear it the next morning even in its unblocked I-am-handmade glory. Yay!


  1. You're so talented! Great work on these projects!

  2. Oh wow! They are sooo cool! I am so amazed by your talents!!

  3. So many great projects! My favourite is the giant granny square :D

  4. Your projects are beautiful and so adventurous! I like the psychedelic dress, but the new violet-toned dress is lovely too. My knitting skills are still no good and so, I stick to small projects :P


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