Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pickle's Quarantine in Australia - Old Policy

Slightly excited at the prospect of a new adventure, the issue that is rendering the move to Australia worrisome, for me, is Pickle's quarantine. I assume you can imagine this heartbreak.

Pickle's quarantine is 30 days, I have said. But it is in fact 180 days. I present you my explanation, above.

When offered the chance to move to Australia, Hubs and I thought long and hard about it. Believe me... So when the decision was made, we knew immediately that the cats needed their paperwork sorted way (way, way) in advance. Working backwards -- with an estimated entry date to Australia of Jan/Feb 2014 -- Pickle and Fluffy had their blood samples taken in August. This would minimise the quarantine "lock up" time to the minimum of 30 days.

All imported pets need to serve this mandatory 30-day quarantine.

Pickle will be held in a quarantine facility in Melbourne, Victoria. She will get picked up by the pet mover in January; cross the American continent westwards for 2 days; travel to Australia and get checked in to Melbourne. (Therefore when Fluffy was hospitalised, the vets were most concern about his survival.)

We will not be able to visit Pickle.

Hopefully Pickle receives the sufficient care and attention that she needs from the movers and staff at the quarantine facility, and I will convince myself that 30 days is a short time.

If you and your furry family have gone through this before, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: New Policy as of today. Shame that Pickle will miss this reduced quarantine stay.

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  1. The 150 days of quarantine in the US just means she has to stay at home right? Sorry, I'm a little confused. :/
    Too bad she will miss the new regulations of just 10 days in quarantine, that is a shame... It's also really sad that you cannot visit her in Melbourne :(

  2. What a shame that the new regulations don't apply yet. We had a dog in Germany and if we had brought him back to the Uk he would have be in quarantine for 6 months, As he suffered with epileptic fits we decided that it was best to leave him with some friends. It was such a difficult decision to make. I hope that the time goes fast for you and Pickle.
    Sarah x

  3. No way to go after hubs so Pickles can have a shorter stay? :( I will be thinking of you during those 30 days. So hard!

  4. I am not sure how I'd cope >< That pretty rules out any thought of ever moving to Australia for me...


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