Monday, December 2, 2013

'I'm Ugly, So What' Dark Chocolate Loaf

I don't know where this lack of cooking enthusiasm is coming from. The freezing house? The short daylight hours? The convenience of eating out? Or this mind-stagnating phase of knowing that we're moving. Again. To somewhere far.

I wanted cake, but didn't want to follow a recipe -- this baking challenge happened, using whatever I had.

Purely experimental, this ugly dark chocolate loaf looked the part but fell short on taste. Nothing a scoop of ice cream can't fix.


  1. I can totally understand that the move must be a great stress right now... A big upcoming move can really make one feel tired even before the actual move. :(
    The cake still looks moist and also very sinful. Ugly food tastes the best, usually!

  2. It does look a bit dense indeed... I only moved km away and that was already a bit stress...can't even imagine going to the other side of the planet must be like. On the +'re moving to SUMMER ;)

  3. Please send some of that bread soon! Looks rich and delicious and like one heck of a good chocolate fix. To me, that's not ugly!

  4. Hee hee, ice cream fixes many things! You're awesome in your baking bravery - I'm strictly a Follow The Recipe baker.

  5. Ice cream really is a cure all, for the most part.

  6. It still looks delicious and I agree - most things can be cured with ice cream. I hope all is going ok planning for the move?


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