Tuesday, December 24, 2013

CD Diary: Drone Party Dec 22 2013

Fourth and final morning of the Drone Party -- this Sunday morning was a scramble to get everything sorted and little bits and bobs in place, only to be interrupted for brunch and more coffee. By noon it was time to hit the outdoors in our nearby park to re-test-fly the couple of Caipys after having been worked on. Good thing the weather held up, too.

It was not long after 13:00 that we said goodbye to Brenden and Serge. Simon had a later flight that day, so we spent the rest of the afternoon prepping the house as we were told potential tenants were coming to view this apartment at 15:30. Empty beer and wine bottles out the house, furniture moved back to their original places, and with some freshening up, it was like no one had been there before.

That was quite some party. Until the next time the Conservation Drones directors meet again!

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