Tuesday, December 24, 2013

CD Diary: Drone Party Dec 21 2013

Day 3 of Drone Party was the day for test flights. Transmitter cables soldered and cars loaded, we set off for an open space. Each hand-built UAV had to be test-flown.

You will enjoy this video summary of the 3-day Drone Party:

Friends and interested colleagues dropped by the field later in the morning to get acquainted with the technology. We were so caught up with getting out into the field, no one thought about lunch. Friends Gillian et al. were kind enough to offer their lunch-buying service -- we all had turkey wraps and hot beverages delivered to us.

The flight tests ended around 15:30 on this winter solstice day. The day was unusually warm; we witnessed the snowy ground turn to a muddy grass field.

It was a celebratory dinner at Rocky Hill Inn that night -- the cook gets a break!

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