Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sister's Day Out to New York - Nov 21, 2013

Nov 21 2013, Thursday -- taking my Sister out to New York. As someone unfamiliar with the city, I had a rough plan of the New York highlights my sister should see. This would be my first time playing guide to someone new to the Big Apple.

We started bright and early, walking to the bus-stop in the frosty morning at 07:00, only to miss our planned train connection due to the late bus (made later by a chatty driver and passengers). We made it to New York, eventually, before 11:00.

Cold and hungry from having not had breakfast, we sought out Grimaldi's pizza, only to find out that pizzas would be available at 11:30. So, onward to the next best place: Chelsea Market.

(1) At Chelsea Market, we were treated to brownie samples at the Fat Witch and feasted our eyes on fancy cakes. The lure of seafood was too great at the Lobster Place; I quietened my hunger with a pre-lunch New England clam chowder while my sister had 4 fresh oysters. It was a little more window-shopping and a brief walk on the High Line before making our way back to Grimaldi's, once again.

(2) My sister wanted to try a New York pizza, and Grimaldi's was on her list. I'm thankful that there is another branch of Grimaldi's in midtown Manhattan. The other (or original) Grimaldi's is in Brooklyn; Brooklyn was not in the plan, for such a brief visit... This pizza received my sister's approval.

(3) Next on our rough itinerary was visiting a thrift store, for which we walked out empty-handed. Likewise for the outlet stores TJ Maxx and Marshalls, (4). To conserve time and energy, it was our first Subway ride uptown to Grand Central Terminal (5).

(5) During lunch, my sister mentioned about wanting to try a New York cheesecake. I sought out Yelp: Junior's had rather raving reviews. We dismissed searching for a cheesecake restaurant, however.

But by some funny coincidence, there popped up a Junior's at the Dining Concourse of Grand Central. We shall all have cheesecake! Following cheesecake, we loitered around the holiday stalls in Grand Central.

(6) It was late afternoon by the time we made it to Rockefeller Center from Grand Central, walking along 42nd Street and scouring for 'I heart NY' souvenirs. I thought it would have been nice to see the skating rink -- and crazy lights of Times Square -- in the dark. Was it cold, too.

(7) After a grand walk around Rockefeller Center and vicinity, we made it back down to 42nd Street, and visited the market that was on Bryant Park. Can never go wrong with markets... We landed ourselves a T-shirt each (2 for $20!).

(8) Finally, our last stop: Times Square in its crazy over-the-top brightness. Having not walked that much before, my sister could not feel her knees and toes. Our second and final New York Subway ride it was, back downtown to 34th Street Penn Station.

We made it in time for the 20:11 express train back to Princeton, even procuring some junk fast food in the 10-minute window we had. That was quite a day!

P.S. Preoccupied with making sure we got from one place to another (with my direction-impaired brain), I didn't take many pictures, but managed a double selfie at Grand Central Terminal:

Mosaic images on this blog post are photos taken by my sister.


  1. You managed to pack so much into your day it sounds good fun and the food looks so good too.
    Sarah x

  2. And that's how you do NY in one day! The aching feet come with the experience. It sounds like your sister got a great taste of the city!

  3. Thank you for the tour Juanita! One of my dream places to see, I particularly love the shot of the Grand Central Terminal. Everything is just so lovely.

    Will you be celebrating thanksgiving too? Enjoy! Have a great weekend ahead!

  4. I wish I could have joined in the fun! Looks great! I love the double selfie too :)

  5. Wow, Juanita, what a day! Love the descriptions - feel like I've been there with you.
    Good luck in Oz - when do you leave?

  6. You're a great tour guide Juanita! I had fun reading about your trip and looking at the photos you and your sister took. :)


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