Friday, November 29, 2013

New Chapter in 2014 - Australia

JuanitaTortilla reporting locations

Our sabbatical year in America is closing in on us, and a new adventure awaits. You might have picked it up a couple of weeks ago when we said goodbye to Fluffy.

We are heading south: South Australia. The very small and quiet Adelaide, to be specific.

It will be a big and frightening move for our British Pickle... But she is a rather adventurous 10-year-old kitten.


  1. Hey, I know a lovely woman in Adelaide...she's my ex boyfriend's mother's best friend. He might be willing to give me her email...if I can get hold of it she would be a lovely person to meet... You're so lucky having all this travel! Adelaide is a nice city too. Lots to see around that way!

    Also thanks for the comment. I think you may be my only fan these days!! And don't do yourself down - I enjoy your blog and hearing about your travels and creative projects too! (and kitty cats!) xxx

  2. Just enquired...she actually has moved - oh well...!!!

  3. I shall enjoy hearing about all lifell from another country. Pickles is a very well travelled cat!
    Sarah x

  4. WOW! All of your travels constantly amaze me and this is going to be such a grand adventure for you. I can't wait to see what's to come in your Australia journey!

  5. You are so privileged to see the world Juanita! Hoping I could tag along heehee Good luck and enjoy!


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