Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CD Diary 25 Oct 2013: Fixing up CD v1. Leisure Flight. Return to KTM.

Friday, October 25th 2013, AM. Our last day in Chitwan National Park. The morning was spent working on the finishing touches to the UAVS: replacing broken propellors and postmortem examinations of the crashes from the previous day. With everything fixed up, all UAVs were taken out to the field again for test-flights.

The guys attempted to film the Caipy's flight with the Raptor ('Conservation Drones version 1'). It was pack up time before lunch.

PM. We left River Side hotel for Bharatpur airport. Arriving at the domestic airport at 14:30, we later found our that the 15:50 flight had been delayed. The plane finally arrived, taking off at 17:15, for the 20-minute flight to Kathmandu. Our shortest flight, ever.

In our last night at Kathmandu, we caught a night's rest at Radisson hotel, sharing a dinner session with Christy.

It was a succinct and productive training session with our colleagues in Nepal.

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