Tuesday, November 5, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Swop - Santa Chain

12 Days of Xmas Swop 2013 - Mail out by 23 November, Saturday
Swop package I put together for Cheryl in 2012

Let the fun begin. This time last year, buddy Chloe and I decided to organise this 12-day swop, for which I played Santa to my recipient, Cheryl. Just like last year, we've had an odd number of participants, and we will be blog-hopping from one place to another, in a chain. Swop Santas, do remember to mail out the package by 23rd November, to avoid the holiday season postal mayhem :D

The Santa chain - updated 05 Nov:
  1. http://juanitatortilla.blogspot.com USA
  2. http://wherethewildthingsare14.wordpress.com UK
  3. http://wastedfashion.wordpress.com USA
  4. http://whatbliss.wordpress.com USA
  5. http://www.adventuresofagirlfromthenaki.blogspot.co.nz New Zealand
  6. http://allimcbally.blogspot.com/ USA
  7. http://rsativus.wordpress.com USA
  8. http://fernandorafael.wordpress.com Mexico
  9. http://birdwristed.blogspot.com USA
  10. http://www.allmylivesnow.com/ USA
  11. http://www.janetsaw.com Switzerland 
  12. http://rainsthoughts.wordpress.com USA
  13. http://www.fatandfabulousme.wordpress.com Singapore, then
  14. finally 13. to 1.
Have you got your blog stalker hat on? I'm looking forward to reading all these new-to-me blogs and checking up on all the goodies that will be exchanged!

P.S. Here's a guide of Suggested Content :)
[1] "12 Things About You" (written note, letter, or novel, if you insist) ;
[2] favourite candy or snack ;
[3] magazine / newspaper / pamphlet / postcard from wherever you are ;
[4] reusable shopping bag (it's good practice to carry one) ;
[5] stationery ;
[6] "Something You Made" ; and
[7] to [12] miscellaneous items.

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  1. Hey Juanita. I noticed that Rain is not on the list. Am I still sending to her or now to Cheryl?


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