Tuesday, October 29, 2013

US Diary 36, 37 and 38: Diabetic Fluffy and Nepal

Weeks 36-38 in the US, Oct 04-25 2013:

- 1 night in New York
- Fluffy diagnosed with diabetes; diets of 2 cats changed immediately; 2 costly visits to the cat clinic
- a 35th birthday with 6 cupcakes
- 8 nights in Nepal as field photographer; our first sighting of the rhinoceros; third elephant ride; shortest aircraft ride of 30 minutes, from take off to touch down

In short. How was your October?


  1. Oh darling! Shame on me! I forgot your Birthday... Happy belated Birthday, then!

    1. No shame at all! My birthday is not exactly public information :D

  2. Poor Fluffy I hope the change of diet will control the diabetes. My daughter visited Nepal a few years ago and loved it.
    Sarah x

  3. Cats! Elephants! Cupcakes! This is why I love your blog. All of my favorite things combined. :)

    Your October sounds eventful! Squeezing anything else in these next few days?

  4. My October was certainly not as eventful as yours ;) Wow -- Nepal????
    I hope Fluffy is doing better! Do keep us updated!

  5. Your October was so eventful! Very little happened in mine ;)

  6. Poor Fluffy. But your trip looks like it was an adventure I could only dream of! I'm looking forward to reading about it in detail :D


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