Thursday, October 17, 2013

My 2 Days in New York - Day 2 - Oct 08, 2013

Day 2 was a little more relaxed, my feet having had a good night's rest. A change of fresh clothes and we checked out of the hotel, made our way to Chinatown to meet with old friends for dim sum. Dim sum! It's a porky affair but I made up for it with all the shrimp dishes. After a dim sum brunch, the guys headed off for work while us two girls made our way in search of the 50-cents egg tarts. Fifty cents. Reputed to be very delicious as well. We had to try it for ourselves.

Egg tarts procured, we then headed to Brooklyn Bridge, and walked across it. It was mighty crowded for a Tuesday. Over at Brooklyn, it was an easy hour or so of enjoying the cityscape, only heading northwards - via subway- to Columbia University some time after 3pm. Everyone got to enjoy the super soft egg tarts. Those egg tarts took me back to childhood days in Singapore.

How quickly the day just went by...

Hubs and I said our goodbyes to friends, and headed south to Penn station, where we were to meet another friend for dinner. It was dinner in Korean Town, yay! I ate so much that evening, I was worried about throwing up on the train ride home. That didn't happen.

Finally, we returned home to Fluffy and Pickle, who made it known that they noticed our absence. (Pickle was waiting by the door.)


  1. Ahh, all the food looks amazing. If you ever need an assistant to help taste everything, I volunteer!

    Are the egg tarts custard-y? Because that's what I immediately thought of.

  2. I am amazed that you found something for 50 cents in New York!

  3. What a fun visit to NYC! :D

  4. Hi gorgeous girl! Seems you are having fun! Great! hugs

  5. Hi Juanita! What a feast of treat. I enjoyed your photo post on the food and the places on my list.

  6. the brooklyn bridge is so gorgeous! my favourite thing about travelling is the food hehe. i bet your little kitty babies missed you :)


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