Monday, October 7, 2013

America's First Zoo - Philadelphia Zoo

Last Wednesday, October 2nd, The Hubs and I were invited to America's first zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo. (This zoo opened its gates on July 1, 1874.) It's a concise city zoo, and I was really happy to visit it for the first time. Driving to Philadelphia Zoo from home took us 1:00 hour, not a minute more or less. I might have said this before: I like Philadelphia. It's a major city without all the craziness!

While at the zoo, you can guess where I spent most of our time. Did you see those baby snow leopards cubs? Just before our departure, we were so kindly brought behind the scene to the Rhinoceros enclosure.

Tony the rhino reminds me of a sweet pet... The zookeeper rang the bell and along came Tony for his daily brushing. He certainly knows where he wants to be brushed, and not pictured was Tony requesting for his behind to be brushed. And while his tough skin feels rough and dry, he was definitely sensitive to the little bee buzzing around his hind leg.

That was quite a happy day in Philly. I touched a rhino!


  1. I really liked Philly when I visited the States. Its so cool you had the chance to touch the rhino!

  2. Wow, you were so lucky to touch Tony the rhino! :D

  3. My friend Sandra lives in Philly and I hear nice things about it! You're so lucky! xxx


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