Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This Place - Another Run-of-the-Mill Blog

I find myself not knowing what to do with this run-of-the-mill blog anymore. Why would anyone care to be here? It appears to be an online diary of useless updates from a bored and narcissistic housewife with a mind brimming with triviality. Bored. Narcissistic. Housewife.

Bless the little fur babies -- and you all who always find the time to connect -- for making life a little more bearable.

Perhaps I need more chocolate...


  1. One person's narcissism is another man's creative outlet! More chocolate is always a good thing. :)

  2. I feel the same way! That's why I haven't sent back that blog interview to you- I'm thisclose to quitting my blog. Because my thoughts are really silly and self-absorbed. So completing the interview seems silly when I don't even want to blog anymore.

    But since we blog friends, I still love reading your blog. And hey, I always like pictures of fur babies!

    I recommend the chocolate fix. It usually helps. :)

  3. Chocolate cures everything! And I love the little illustrations. :)

  4. Chocolate ALWAYS helps! I think all bloggers have moments where we think our blogs are pointless - but I'll always read your blog and we wouldn't be friends without blogging and that would be sad :(

  5. Your drawings are sooooooooooooooooo pretty... another talent you have.

  6. So many people give up their blogs after a year or two (including me), but yours is still going strong -- I admire that. I think all the posts you consider 'pointless' are some of the most fun to read. :)
    I also agree with everyone else, your drawings are really pretty and creative!

  7. I totally agree with Janet! :)
    Your blog is so unique, and that's what makes it special! Love your drawings... and I love your furry babies!!! :D Chocolate... YESSSSS!!!!!! :D


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