Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sew Me Something: Busy Fuchsia Batik Tunic Dress - Butterick B5415

Front -  Blue and brown flowers
Zipless Back - Purple and pink flowers
Deliberate gathers
Pockets are always handy
In my hasty foolishness to make this tunic dress using 2 pieces of fuchsia pink batik gifted to me by Kathleen, I did not realise that the floral prints were of different colour. Would have preferred the purple flowers to be on the front. Oh well; one cannot uncut fabric.

The sleeve caps were strangely wide, even after ease-stitching. So, gathered sleeves, they became. I also hiked up the bottom hem a la tunic style. Having it at the knees with long sleeves just made it old and weird. I could throw on a pair of tights or trousers if the occasion needed a more conservative dress code.

So? What do you think?

Pattern: Butterick Easy B5415 Size 12
Material: 2 pieces of batik - each 180 cm long
Time taken: 2 days
- eliminated zipper;
- lowered back neckline by 2";
- added inseam pockets;
- took in 1 cm of seam allowance of middle back;
- raised bottom hem.

Aligning for the first cut
Modification No.3: hiked up the bottom hem
As "action shot" as it gets
The Leftover


  1. I really love this dress - fabric is beautiful!

  2. I love the boat line style neckline :) The dress is beautiful and among others, i love the seal of having "juanita tortilla" :)

  3. Ohh not much leftover at all! You did well to utilise every possible part of the gorgeous batik fabric. Sorry the purple flowers couldn't be in front :(
    I think the fabric is perfect for this kind of dress cut/style. I can imagine it working well with black trousers, tights, even jeans! I think it would be perfect with black tights ;D


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