Saturday, September 21, 2013

Grey Japanese Dress - "Adult couture pattern 001" Pattern Book

While creating the front portion of this dress, I almost threw it aside, thinking that the 'Medium' size chest was going to be to small on me. But I pressed on with the making and treated it as a learning piece. Lo and behold, it fits. (I'm wearing it as I type this...)

So much, so much room to eat! :)

The fabric is really thin and see-through. It is a Japanese fabric, and I thought it was only right to use it with a Japanese sewing pattern. Wearing it with tights, or a slip, of course.

I really enjoyed how the pleats came together. It is a well-made sewing pattern.

With each step, I was assisted by Oreo cookies. There was a cookie break for each reward; each OK-let's-do-this psych pump; each "I like my sewing!"; and oh-I-need-a-break pause. Any excuse...

To be honest, this Japanese pattern book was bought a couple of years ago. Am I glad to have waited this long to break into it, especially after having had a few beginner's dresses under my belt. Everything is in Japanese; my rudimentary Chinese knowledge allowed me to recognise a sporadic word here and there, though not critical to construction. Following the diagrams is easy, if you are already making dresses, because this pattern book's instructions are minimal and basic, as I have pictured.

And while this is the 'Minidress' version, the dress almost touches my knees.

Finally, I can't help but think that the girl in the photo needs an Oreo cookie or two. I kept eating on her behalf... I am so happy with this dress, I'm going to make a couple more for myself in other fabric!

Pattern: Japanese craft book "Adult couture pattern 001"#3019 (ISBN 978-4-579-11301-9). Size 9.
Fabric: 3 metres of thin, lightweight cotton bought in Singapore, Arab Street
Time taken: 2 days
Modifications: 0


  1. It looks great - But where is the "action shot"? ;) I do love these Japanese style patterns, but I just don't think they suit my body type at all. I think you will look adorable wearing it though. I love that fabric and the pleats are beautiful. Also I DO agree - the girl on the pattern envelope is lacking in Oreos.

  2. ooh i love it Juanita - i love grey these days and of course Oreo cookies ;)

  3. You clever thing you! (hope your skin is clearing. For my "serious 4WD shoes" I love my Merrells with a solid sole and goretex waterproof outer. Still researching some more fashionable, lighter ones for shorter walks).

  4. It's so super cute! I love it so so so so much! I want one for MYSELF!!!


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