Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CD Diary: BCI, Day 5. Sep.27.13, Friday.

Day 5! The final morning on BCI was intense: Every trainee had a try at launching as KC gained more confidence with her piloting. Conservation Drones' first girl-pilot! I had fun filming each launch practice.

In the few minutes before 1pm, it was decided that a mapping mission could be carried out. Off the training UAV went on its way to the first waypoint, only to lose telemetry, again. The plane's fail-safe was defective. Hindsight being 20-20, the training plane was best not used for mapping missions...

With the UAV lost, we packed up and headed back for the research station, while the CD duo headed out to search for the lost plane. We had a boat to catch at 3:40pm (back to Gamboa), bags to pack, and lunch to grab...

Very luckily, BCI park wardens who happen to be patrolling the waters picked up the plane. The Mobius video camera on-board filmed the flight: It was a soft landing on the water, some 3km away from launch.

Back in Gamboa:

It was a quick run-down of the tools the research group was receiving. Dinner was by the Locks, at Miraflores Restaurant at the Panama Canal. The CD team worked through the rest of the night, eventually stripping the twice-retrieved training UAV of its APM autopilot.

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