Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CD Diary: BCI, Day 3. Sep.25.13, Wednesday.

Third morning: we were out on the sandbar after breakfast, with Dr. Muller-Landau who had invited the Conservation Drones team. The "lost" first UAV was being retrieved that very morning with the help of a park warden. It would have spent 2 nights on the canopy in the tropical showers.

After some training, we made it back to the research station for lunch. It started to storm, so the team stayed in the lab to brainstorm over the software glitches, planned missions, and tended to the "rescued" plane. The retrieved plane fell from the canopy, which could have been over 20 metres high, almost unscathed apart from the minor dents on its wings. The camera on-board was not damaged, too. Great rescue effort!

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