Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CD Diary: BCI, Day 2. Sep.24.13, Tuesday.

All trainees present! The morning started with the setting up of the second UAV, the first one still sitting on the forest tree top. A spare (personal) camera was used to demonstrate a mapping mission but its software seemed to glitch, however; the updated flight mission planner was blamed for it. A successful flight took off eventually, coupled with an exciting landing on a small helipad... The netting certainly helped.

After lunch, a new location north of the island was tested out. It was a larger space with rocks and patches of tall grass. The location was ideal, with 3 flights conducted despite the glitchy camera settings, by the end of the afternoon.

We were thankful for the tree on the sandbar not only for its shade, but its dead leaves that had been useful for practicing plane launches.

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