Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Winter Swap 2013

I didn't get the title wrong; it's winter where the swap hostess is (in New Zealand). For this swap, we're to put together sewing related items with a budget of NZ$30. My swap partner is Ellie from Chicago (yay, domestic mail!). I did not get the chance to photograph what I gave Ellie, but she is sharing the images and her thoughts on what she has called "a delightful winter swap," here :)

Here's what Ellie sent me:

Ellie was right on the money with these fabric choices -- someone once described my work as "Scandinavian batik" ;) I now have to start making bags... Hopefully I can pull out a sleeveless top with that 'Field Study' fabric -- it speaks to my former Biologist self :)

Thanks, Ellie and Penny, for this swap.


  1. Oh I like her fabric choices, especially the 'field study' one too! I'm sure you'll make a really pretty top with it.

    1. I thought so too, but alas, there isn't enough to make a sleeveless top for me :(

    2. Oh :(
      Maybe a bag then? It would surely make a splendid sling bag or purse!


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