Monday, September 2, 2013

Vegetable Query: Artichoke

I am a big fat scared-y cat when it comes to artichoke. Never tried preparing a fresh heart. So, when I recently reminisced about the deep-fried artichokes we had in Rome, I bought a can of artichokes. Not quite the same? You're right.

Honestly, the saltiness of the canned artichokes makes these quartered hearts more suitable for a pizza or quiche. Not so much with pasta, but that is just my opinion.

What advice do you have on preparing the tough and leafy artichokes? I get the impression that it is tedious work for a tiny piece of vegetable heart...


  1. No, canned ones are gross. If you buy already cooked ones, get the ones in glass jar with olive oil and herbs. Here you can't really find the fresh tiny ones like in Italy. Big ones don't work too well as they're too tough. I only eat them leaf by leaf dipping them in vinaigrette.

  2. I, too, was scared of preparing fresh artichoke, but Isaiah grew up eating them, so he prepares them when they come in our farmers' market box. It seems easy enough. He steams them for 45 minutes or so, then we dip the tips of the leaves in melted butter and suck off the bit of meat. I love that you have to do this for a while until you get to the heart. The heart! So worth it! It reminds me of eating raclette because of the slowness and patience and waiting involved while enjoying your meal. ;)

  3. artichokes are a total mystery to me - good on you for trying to prepare them. I'm far too scared :O


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