Saturday, August 31, 2013

US Diary 29 and 30: Bambis, Cranberries, Shiny New Photos

Week 29 in the US: We watched Bambis munch their way through the garden. There was a sci-fi movie involved that weekend (Elysium) and a tonne of popcorn that we could hardly make a dent. That was a Medium-sized popcorn; I dare not imagine a Large. Everything in America is a little bigger...

Sunday lunch was spent with our buddies up in North Jersey. The Hubs concluded that we should start eating out more. There are about 20 weeks left to eat our way through this town.

On Tuesday, we made a brief visit to a cranberry research site. Would you have spotted the cranberries? I didn't, at first.

Week 30 in the US began with a breakfast in a new-to-us cafe. It is a quaint little cafe called Main Street in Kingston. We spent the rest of that Saturday like everyone else: mind-numbing shopping.

The following weekdays were spent exploring new photo-taking possibilities of JuanitaTortilla products, making use of the summer sunshine, while we still have it. I am quite pleased with the shiny new photos.

There was an ambitious dressmaking pursuit. This was a thrifted ("Brocki-ed") fabric from Switzerland: a thick, stretchy jersey that could look very old-lady-ish. Construction went well, until I put it on. The fabric was unbearably coarse and itchy. I gave up on seam-ripping the serged stitches and chucked it into the KIV bin as I could not bring myself to find a lining material. A few face-buried-in-palms moments were involved and no nice song could lift my spirits.

So, I diverted that energy into something more productive; if I can't sew a dress, I shall sew a bag. This softest-soft material sent me to my Happy Place when it reminded me of soft and fuzzy kitty ears.

Brand new Juanita Tortilla bag with pockets in and out, oh my.


  1. Hi Juanita! Sorry if I've been missing out your posts. I'm so occupied with freelance works these days.

    I agree that everything in the US seem to be bigger as compared to Asian sizes :) It has been the constant observation of my cousins.

    It also took me a while to see the cranberries. I haven't seen an actual fruit though. The least that we have here is the cranberry juice which I regularly take to prevent UTI.

    I've been so amazed with your photos and your photography skills Juanita. May I know what camera do you use?

    Thank you for linking up and never getting tired of my french macaron posts in Instagram hahaha

    Have a great week ahead!

  2. Trees said:Lovely photos - I have those dressmaking went wrong, head in hands, moments far too often when sewing!!

  3. It's so nice to catch up on some of your news. What pretty cranberries and how neat to see the deer out your window. Of course I am SO in love with your new bag! I wish you knew how often I wear my necklace and earrings that you made. I get so many compliments on the earrings....they have that little bit of lace in each one! Sweet hugs!

  4. I love to make bags with lots of pockets! We recently went to the AMC theater in Tampa and bought the LARGE bag of popcorn! We shared of course and took the refill home to consume later while watching TV the next day. Yes, it's way too much popcorn for one person to eat, even in America!

  5. Loved the update! :) You are so lucky to be able to watch Bambis in the garden! And I see that Pickle enjoys too! :D Can I sit with her? :D
    I love your new bags!
    Have a wonderful September, my friend! xo

  6. Oh that is a nice, practical bag! It does look soft and fuzzy.. and has pockets! Lovely. Have you used it yet?
    I hope you're not too discouraged after the Brocki fabric turned out too coarse. But I also feel disappointed when my own doll clothing ideas don't work out, so I know what it's like. :(


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