Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cooking Club: August 2013

* A pound (453 grams) of Jersey-fresh blueberries were baked and well-received by guests. Were they being polite? Or am I too critical of myself? The circles are fun -- I shall be making fruit pie crusts like this from now on.

* After several days weeks of dining out and having guests cook us meals, it landed me in a cooking funk after the last guest had left. There were common ingredients to the meals we've shared with our guests. In their absence, I re-created dinners of the same ingredients: tomatoes, sweet peppers, potatoes, carrots, and chicken, prepared in my lazy, un-thought-out way.

* A dozen frost-less 'Vanilla Butter Cupcakes' were baked, except they were made with margarine, not butter. Nevertheless, they were just as satisfying. I see more Margarine Vanilla Cupcakes in the near future.

This August, the gas oven was definitely well-used, but not recipe books, I'm afraid.

Cooking Club:
Lucent Imagery + From River’s Edge + Down by the Sea + Explody Full + Juanita Tortilla


  1. Sometimes my best dinners are when I just throw some ingredients together and hope for the best. Your chicken and veggies look good! So does everything else. :)

  2. I love seeing all your food posts! That pie does look amazing!

  3. The pie looks so good! Loved reading your cooking club update. I'm two desserts away from the end of my book, so I've already been using others for savoury recipes for a while. We've had so many family gatherings that I haven't had space for any more desserts at home! Off to read your friendly feature on Explody Full.

  4. Everything you made looks so appetising.. they must have tasted as good as they look, I am sure :D

  5. I dream of blueberry pie....that looks immense! xxx


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