Saturday, August 10, 2013

CD Diary: Mealtimes are my Fave. July 23, 2013

Hey man
Hammocks are fun
Where we heading to now?
The hawk says hello
Pizza and oatmeal raisin cookies
Talking flight mission plans
High-tech waterproofing system
Have your cake and eat it
Dinner of curried shrimp, coleslaw and mashed potatoes

July 23, 2013 -- Day 2 at Glover's Reef. Going to bed early meant rising early the next morning. Waking up before the sunrise let us enjoy the hammock for some minutes, as we waited for 7am and a ready breakfast. I looked forward to greeting Alba and seeing what she'd prepared for us; every meal was a surprise. Each mealtime meant a passage of time.

When asked her about how she did it: as a cook, it was a 2-week shift work. Not completely spontaneous, Alba has a list of items to choose to cook from, and she orders her food supplies that will last 2 weeks, boating them across with her from the city, for an 'X' number of people on the island, each time. No surprise visitors, that means. Yet there was always enough for everyone, and freshly-made breads and cakes and cookies to accompany each meal.

As to whether she preferred working in the city or on the island, Alba said 'definitely' to being on the island. People appreciate her cooking. We can attest to that: always going for seconds with a "Very nice, Alba" that would set her off on an embarrassed giggle.

Field work days have the usual routine of unpacking the wares in the morning, working some under the sun, looking forward to each warm meal, a little tidying up each evening before heading for a quick shower, then finally crashing for the night. No internet, no tech-y interruptions. Days out in the field go by quickly like that.
(But at the back of my mind, I looked forward to a clean shower session and proper toilet, and kitty cuddles.)

In the evening, over the kitchen counter, Alba handed me a tube of aloe vera gel. There was little left, but she said I could use whatever I needed. How sweet.


  1. I was wondering about the food myself, how it's done on an island with nothing there. Selva did a great job by the sound of it!

    1. Alba is certainly a good cook! Her name is Alba -- my silly mistake earlier for mishearing it! The posts have been corrected now :)

  2. Paradise! I was backreading some of your posts and for a while. Everything looks so serene and relaxing. I also love that the food is served fresh and homemade. Way different from what we often have in the city.

    You take great photos too.

    1. Thank you as always, Diane, for your kind words.


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