Monday, August 12, 2013

CD Diary: Excit'nin Barracuda Sere. July 25, 2013.

Giant Blue Land crab

July 25 2013, Thursday. Our final full day on Glover's Reef; I was getting used to these morning sights and the Clivus composting toilet. The ghostly gigantic crabs still give me the creeps, though, as they scurry across our path in the cooler hours.
Landing strip
The dock
Brown Pelican

At 7am sharp, like the days before, we'd wash our hands, be greeted "Mornin' mornin'" by the rest and enter the kitchen to greet Alba. She'd take the time to introduce me to the spread, and we'd dine to the radio station's news and morning song.
Warm flour tortilla with coconut milk

This Thursday felt relaxed and yesterday's storm had passed.
Stainless steel and rusty, in a matter of 2 days, thanks to the saltwater air
Minor repair for the crashed plane
Barracuda for dinner
Some jumping dolphins would make this picture complete
Pasta salad and banana bread -- obviously my second round

There was some leisurely plane-flying involved and we received our souvenir T-shirts.  No snorkeling, to my relief. And, there was the obligatory group photo right before disassembling and packing things up.
CD team in their new T-shirts and the nice folks on Glover's Reef
Fitting everything back in
Packing up / Best I stay behind the camera

There was a commotion on the dock. Julio called out to me to ask if I wanted a photo of this barracuda. No, with this barracuda, he corrected.
Monster barracuda
I said OK to be a sport, but squawked immediately when my body instantaneously repulsed against touching something so large, so cold, and so dead. And OMG, it was wobbly and heavy. And smelled like fish...
With the scary 15 lb barracuda that I could not touch
Enough of fish fun
We get to be on the hammock now that work is done

There was some pounding coming from the kitchen, and we soon found out why.
Smashing plantains

Alba was happy to explain to us the Belizean dish known as sere, which involved the barracuda from earlier in the afternoon. The plantain balls were made using a mixture of ripe and green plantains, and simply boiling them. The starchiness of the unripe plantains held things together.
Alba cooked sere and plantain balls

Sere was a fish soup in coconut broth. So simple and nice. Alba wanted to cook us something typical of Belize. What an honour.
With the most important woman on the island
Sere -- barracuda, okra, chilli pepper, coconut milk and plantain ball
I had seconds, of course. Enjoyable food memories.


  1. I so enjoy the pictures from your journeys, Juanita! :)
    Thank you for sharing! WOW, you do get to do some traveling! :D

  2. Monster barracuda indeed :) Love travel posts like this. Probably because I seldom go out of our house :)

  3. A great end to your trip. That barracuda looks huge what did it taste like? I have enjoyed seeing all your different meals too.
    Sarah x


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