Saturday, August 10, 2013

CD Diary: Do You Like Lobster? July 22, 2013

From the dorm
July 22, 2013. My first night at Glover's was filled with nightmares and restlessness; the constant loud crashing waves, the strong winds and incessant banging of the wooden door let me believe that it was storming through the night. My bladder had been full and the thought of trudging the sandy paths, in the dark, to the outhouse (which I did not like) kept me up longing for daybreak. The legs were radiating heat like the sun.

Sleeping conditions
Morning was grand.

By 7am, we were all gathered for breakfast and ready to start the first day of flying.

Good piloting skills don't need a huge landing space
Sending it to the clouds?

The first two flights were successful and the guys were happy. Boys and their toys. Lunch of handmade burgers -- freshly handmade burger buns, mind you -- was merrily gobbled down as they discussed tech-y stuff and fun plans. Their type of fun, anyway. I, on the other hand, spent time familiarising myself with the new toy...
Reptilian residents of Glover's Reef

At the dock were these lobster heads.
Alba came by to pick them up and I asked if they were going to the kitchen. She asked if I liked lobsters, because she was planning on making them for dinner. Of course we like lobsters, I had to exclaim.
"Do you like lobster?" she asked

This little water plane drew much attention, but did not live up to its hype. It didn't like the waves, it seems. When it flipped, someone lucky had to dive down to retrieve it. All caught on tape, of course. That was some short-lived fun.
The flipping drone

The last flight of the day involved going up to the watch tower. I had burning fat sausages for legs, so climbing those three flights meant I felt I was older and in more pain than an old lady. (Toileting was absolutely no fun, too.)
Watch tower
Excited at the thought of lobsters?
The bird's eye view
Meals were served at fixed hours -- we were all eager for dinner at 6pm when the wing returned home from its long flight to another cay.
No lobsters in sight, but whatever Alba served up, we all enjoyed it. Coconut rice, black beans, fried chicken, salad, and fried plantains...
No lobsters, but fried chicken works

Earlier in the day, Julio gave me a piece of aloe vera from a small potted plant, which was nice of him. It was supposed to help, so I tried to smear its jelly content on the blistery burns without 'uff'-ing and 'ah'-ing at the worst and first sunburn of my life, slathering frequently with sunblock. That was not fun :D


  1. Oh, I would not have survived the room and the outhouse. You did well to survive through it! My dad used an outhouse in his youth. I can't imagine how it was for him back in the 50s and still having no flushing toilets. >-<

  2. Oh this made me think of the outhouse we used when we stayed in Vanuatu - but the scenery & friendly people made it all worth while!


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