Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vegetable Query: Indian Bitter Gourd

Behold the freaky strange-looking bitter gourd! While at the Asian grocery store, I swapped the "normal" Chinese bitter gourd with this one labelled 'Indian Bitter Gourd'. It was so strange I had to hold it by the stalk. (What if it comes to live and bites?)

I looked up a gourd recipe in my Curries recipe book. The name of this gourd might have influenced the decision a little bit. It suggested making a dhal. I wasn't too keen on having to go out and buy split peas, though. Also, a day before cooking this Indian bitter gourd, we ate at a Chinese place where they offered bitter gourd omelette... So the idea of a curried omelette came to being.

Bitter was the verdict -- much more bitter than the other variety, which works for us, anyway!

I'm not sure what made me shave off the spikes. Would you have done that, too?


  1. That gourd looks amazing, I have never seen anything like it. I don't like bitter tastes so i know that it wouldn't have appealed to me!
    Sarah x

  2. I love the indian bitter gourd but I have never known how to make it myself! :D

  3. Eww! Never liked bitter gourd but love that you made the word bitter with the gourd!


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