Monday, July 1, 2013

US Diary 19 and 20: Sewing - Inky and Costa Rica Maxi dress

'Week 19 in the US' was technically spent in Edinburgh and Zurich, which then made Week 20 comparably lack-lustre. I did try to make up for it by hanging out with Redford and sewing...

* A bag (or pocketbook) called Inky -- name inspired by a comment on the facebook page; little sister to the earlier bag called Isabella

* ... and a maxi dress -- just in time for Costa Rica. Hence the name. It would otherwise be named 'Curtain dress', because The Hubs remarked, "Why are you wearing a curtain?" when I put it on.
It has been great for overeating and hiding bulges.


  1. I like your maxi dress and do not think it looks like curtains. It looks light and comfy. Perfect for summer!

  2. Hahaha, men. My husband dont like floral patterns either! lol


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