Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sew Me Something: Costa Rica Maxi Dress

This would be my first maxi dress. Maybe it's the summer weather that has put me in the mood for one. Remember the blue jersey knit leftover fabric from the previous "refashion?" I thought the tank top bit was too good to pass up. So, I surveyed my fabric stash, and finally decided on this vintage-y, thrifted, Made-in-France fabric. It goes nicely with the blue, I think, and the white is not see-through. It was the kind of day the stars aligned -- the chosen fabric came in the perfect size for the project.

Below are my notes:

* Prints look and feel painted.

* I wondered if it was a half-completed project for a tablecloth, or skirt -- it was seamed on one side, hemmed on one end, too.

* With a little seam-ripping to the bottom hem, I seamed up the open end, matching the floral patterns, then stitched the bottom hem again.

*  Put myself through the "tube" to test for movement and length. All clear.

* Neatened the tank top ends a little. Also, had to account for extra pull from the weight of the "skirt".

* Made gathers of the "skirt" the good old-fashioned way, but with elastic thread in bobbin spool. I had hoped to give this gathered "skirt" extra stretch (to accommodate the blue jersey top and slipping over the shoulders and bust).

* Gathered and pressed to desired width, similar to the tank top bit.

* Matched it up to the blue jersey tank top. Stitched them both together, right sides facing.
* Overlocked / serged this bodice seam to trim and neaten.

The bottom fabric was indeed much heavier than expected, so it pulled and I was stepping on it. Rectified that but seam-ripping the bottom end, and hemmed it up 2-3 inches extra. I could then walk with ease. And pig out.


  1. I like it Juanita! The dress has a natural slimming effect :)

  2. Love it on you - nice one. May just copy you! Jx

  3. What a lovely piece, Juanita! That looks summery, indeed!

    I have an ongoing international fashion giveaway in my site. Feel free to join!


  4. Again, I love this dress! It seems so easy to put together, too. I wish I had a loving relationship with my sewing machine.

  5. It's gorgeous, Juanita!!! (...) haha, MEN! (about your hubby's remark in the previous post) ;D

  6. I love, love, love this - the fabric of the skirt is amazing!

  7. I found the description of how you made this really fascinating to read :D Elastic thread was a good idea! I think the two fabrics match well together. The dress looks good on you!


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