Friday, July 5, 2013

Costa Rica - Vulcan Poas, Sunday Jun.23.13

The highlight -- crater at Poas volcano
The drive up to Poas
Coffee plantation
Ox Cart

Sweets and Souvenir
Rain cloud
What we should see behind the rain cloud
Birds as entertainment
Happy People who got to see the crater

Sunday was the free day which allowed us to sign up for a half-day tour to the Volcano Poas , ~1 hour from the city, San Jose. The morning's tour started at 8:20 a.m., taking us up for a brief stop at a coffee plantation. On the bus, we ran into other conference attendees. As we gained elevation, the rain clouds decided to join us -- we had to kill time at a souvenir and snack shop. The tour guide reminded us, a few times, to purchase raincoats. They did prove to be a necessity.

At Poas, the rain didn't let up and the clouds remained there for most of the hour we were there. There was no crater or lagoon to be seen. Nothing one can do about the weather, so, like every other sightseeing visitor, we entertained ourselves by looking at the birds while at the lagoon.

On our walk down to the bus, we decided to try our luck at the crater, again. The drizzle stopped.

The bright sky gave way to a massive, smoking crater behind the rails and volume of happy people. We snapped a few quick photos, given the opportunity, and hurried back down to our bus.

That worked up an appetite for lunch, and were we glad to have bought plantain chips earlier.


  1. COSTA RICA????? WOW, you get to travel a LOT, Juanita!!!!
    "Homemaker"? ;D

  2. Wow, Costa Rica! I have loved following your instagram posts about your visit here and the volcano looks incredible. Yah for travels:)

  3. Amazing view of the crater! Too bad it was a bit cloudy at the lagoon. Still, what an adventure! :)

  4. Wonderful pictures from another country. It must be great having the opportunity of visiting different countries and cultures.
    Sarah x


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