Tuesday, June 18, 2013

With Our Swiss Family in Maur. Jun.15.2013

Last Saturday, we woke up to the familiar view of the Greifensee. What a surreal feeling; four months ago, I was sad to say goodbye to this view, yet waking up to it again that day felt so normal.

I spent a large part of that day just hanging out with my friends / hosts / ex-neighbours, a single label I could not pick, catching up. They had an excellent idea of taking us out to dinner at Besen Beiz, otherwise known as Stall-Stube in Maur. (We went there together, in 2011.)

It was nice to have this Swiss-German experience again.

Looking past the wine bottle (yes, local wine in this tiny village), there stood the trough for cows.

It is a rather carnivorous menu. Being a "selective carnivore", I had two choices of chicken or fish. Indecision is one of my worst traits: Chicken for old time's sake? (I had that the last time.) Or Egli fish, to try something new? It was Egli for me.

The rest of the quiet evening was spent enjoying the cool air on the balcony with grappa. Come nightfall, I was treated to something new: Himmelslanternen (sky lanterns). I haven't seen them before.

Counting lanterns as they drifted quietly in the sky, I learned that these lanterns are used in weddings. This was a June wedding by the lakeside restaurant.

Just when we thought the wedding celebration ended, another batch came floating by, from Besen Beiz, we assumed. (This photo shows our former corridor...)

As we talked of plans for the future, it dawned on me that we have found more than friends in Salome and Lorenzo. They are our Swiss family.


  1. Egli Knusperli...my favourite!It must be nice/strange being back in La Suisse after 4 months in The States.

  2. Awesome! I see you enjoyed your brief stay in Maur very much. :)

  3. Lovely!! How long will you be in CH? So jealous!

  4. Are you back in Europe, Juanita??? Or traveling again??? Enjoy!

  5. How lovely to return to Switzerland and catch up with friends again and remember the things you loved best about your time there. The restaurant looks so good and the sight of the lanterns must have been quite magical.
    Sarah x

  6. It looks so great! As I am reading along now, I just want to travel! :)


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