Wednesday, June 19, 2013

US Diary 18: Sewing Sushi Mojo

8-piece leather bag
Fabric remnants and yarn for blanket
Sushi and sashimi Round 1
Sushi and sashimi Round 2
My 'Week 18 in the USA' began with the first weekend of June. We dropped the idea of a road trip to simply enjoy being around town. The money not spent on a road trip meant we could treat ourselves to good sushi. It was fairly high-priced for all-you-can-eat, but you will have to agree with me that that was money well spent. Masa Sushi will be my go-to sushi place from now on.
This little college town was overcrowded by the visiting alumni of past decades. We lucked out on parking space, so we missed the parade in town, that weekend. There was a bit of craft retail therapy as a result. I have grand plans of kitschy dresses; so many "grand plans", so little time!
I stayed home and completed the leather bag, the rest of the week. With that bag-making confidence reinstalled, the first 'Made in the USA' JuanitaTortilla was made. Her name is Isabella.


  1. Sushi and craft supplies? Sounds like a perfect day to me!

  2. Everything beautiful in this post Juanita :) Isabella is your first US baby ;) More to come!!

  3. The bag looks amazing!!! As does the sushi! So talented and wise on your choice of food! ;) x

  4. I love sushi! After I got back to Norway I realize that I really miss food from overseas! It does not taste the same here! Nice bag too!


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