Friday, June 21, 2013

TED Global 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland

June 10-13 2013. It was our first time as TED Speaker and Attendee. As "TED virgins", being in the auditorium is a different experience than watching the talks and entertainment on-screen.

I looked forward to each session; enjoyed tea and nice food during breaks and applauding with the crowd; and my favourite: getting into the green room and feeling the excitement before the talk.

We concluded that this TED conference was highly entertaining and enjoyable (also mind-blowing, for me), and the spirit of it all represented what we like about the United States -- the innovative bright ideas and the rallying spirit of hope and optimism.


  1. So glad you enjoyed (both TED and my old haunts in Edinburgh). When you're back we'll have to go try and go together to TEDx Zürich - whilst not as high profile speakers I've found it really inspiring the last 2 years. This year is going so fast (must be a sign of getting older.....)

  2. That must have been a great experience, and exciting to talk about Lin's worthwhile project. It was very interesting to learn more about what he has achieved.
    Sarah x

  3. Lucky you! I'd love to go to a Ted talk! xxx

  4. PS Is that your husband speaking? Wow...

  5. What a great achievement! :D

  6. That sounds like a great experience! :) Glad you enjoyed it!


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