Sunday, June 9, 2013

Let's Walk to the Post Office

Taking this pavement, we walk past various houses to the end of the road. I really appreciate having a pavement; much of this area won't have walkways.

12 to 15 minutes later, we're at the post office.

It's a one-woman show, this little post office. Two, on a busy weekend. It doesn't close for lunch.

Heading back, this is a little church along the street. Doesn't chime on the hour, or quarter-hour, like they do in Switzerland.

There will always be that barking dog a few houses down. He sees us, but we don't see him. (I never looked, anyway.) He'll stop barking once we're a house away. Anyway, this is home!

The images above were taken in early April. Don't let the sunshine fool you. Later in May:

The gas & electric company has been really busy on this street. There's always something going on with the power line or telephone pole, until now... Roadblocks aplenty!


  1. Great and refreshing place! For some reason, I love the post office too. I had great childhood memories personally sending my letters.

    I love pavements and pathways, especially if it is surrounded by pieces of greeneries and all the work of nature. It's so relaxing and rarely I see them in the city.

    Great post Juanita!

  2. Your post office looks so cute compared to mine - although I guess mine is an inner city post office so what can you expect right? You live in such a lovely area :)

  3. If the clock doesn't repeatedly chime throughout the day, then how does one know what time it is?! ;)

  4. Thank you for sharing more of your surroundings with us! I find is so interesting it must been quite a contrast to Switzerland.
    Sarah x

  5. I love it when I am able to walk to things! And such nice surroundings! :)

  6. Ah am so jealous that you live in the US - I love the scenery! :) xxx


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