Monday, June 24, 2013

Friendly Feature: Michela - A Garden Just Outside Venice

Michela in Prague
With Michela, our virtual paths crossed when I landed on her blog through a mutual friend (I don't remember who, now). She caught my interest with her show-and-tell of her thriving home garden. The tomatoes were growing so well that they were squeezing through the fence! That led to my first comment on her blog: a request to send some of the Italian sunbathed tomatoes to me, across the Alps. (I was in Zurich, then.) Please meet our bella donna, Michela:

Tell us when you started blogging, and why.
I started blogging from work :) for improving my English in 2009.

How do you like to spend your weekends?
I spend my weekend cleaning (sad reality) and seeing my boyfriend (I have one did that happen?! :O)

Do you have a favourite dish / cuisine / style of cooking?
Preferably Italian :) I've a very sweet weakness :)

In the bookstore or library, at which section are we most likely able to find you?
Definitely at the travel guides one!

Share with us 3 interesting facts about yourself.
Once upon a time a very curious Hausfrau mad about vegetables stopped by my humble blog and fell in love with big tomatoes from my kitchen garden.. Since that moment we've shared many crazy adventures :
1 - in June 2010 we ran the Venice marathon (I got sun-burnt and still have black melanin spots on my face :)
Venice, June 2010

2 - in December 2011 we wished each other "ein Guets Neues" in our PJs whilst enjoying the fireworks on Juanita's terrace (believe me... a very embarrassing moment, since her neighbours were toasting on the same terrace)
Zurich, New Year's 2012

3 - in February 2012 we nearly crushed our bones for tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome... This means we're supposed to have another funny adventure sooner or later... Who knows where next time?!
Snowy day in Rome, Feb 2012

May we know what your profession or occupation is?
Boring and bored secretary

How modest is this girl? And aren't her '3 interesting facts' fun? :D Thanks for always being a Whatsapp message away.

Recorded on May 28, 2013.


  1. Hi Michela! You have a nice name. And I beg to disagree about the boring job of a secretary :) I have friends who are secretaries and I rather see their jobs as very challenging.

    Great feature Juanita :)

  2. Such a cool series to share your bloggy friendships, Juanita! Michela sounds lovely, heading over to check out her blog. Also, kudos to your husband, his TED talk and career goals!


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