Friday, June 7, 2013

Friendly Feature: Allison - Ally McBally

Mauer and Allison
Allison and I found each other's blogs through someone mutual; via another "expat" living in Switzerland, definitely. I wish I remember how or when... In September 2011, when my village, Maur, held its end-of-Summer market fair, Allison and Chris were so nice to drop by and visit me. She even went home with a few of my wares... Please meet the cat mum to the young and super fluffy Mauer, Allison:

Tell us when you started blogging, and why.
I made my first blog post in February 2010. I started blogging because I really liked nail polish. I enjoyed sharing photos of my nails. At the time my husband and I were just dating and we were long distance. I used the blog as a way to keep myself busy. Then I ended up moving to Switzerland for a year and it was just a nice way to make me feel useful as a trailing spouse. Nowadays, you can find me over on Instagram. Photographing is so much faster than writing! You can catch photos of my cat Mauer, my nail polish and make-up, and shopping trips to various stores. I think I'll start blogging again now that it's summer.

How do you like to spend your weekends?
I like to spend time with my husband and cat. We put Mauer on his leash and let him explore outside with us for a little bit. I also like to visit different places and events in Chicago. I also love shopping especially for nail polish. :D

Do you have a favourite dish / cuisine / style of cooking?
Lately, I have been on a ricotta kick. So stuffed ricotta shells or stuffed ricotta chicken. My favorite side dish is brussels sprouts cut in quarters and sautéed in olive oil and garlic.

In the bookstore or library, at which section are we most likely able to find you?
I really like historical fiction and non-fiction usually focused around the second World War.

Share with us 3 interesting facts about yourself.
1. I have over 1,500 bottles of nail polish.
2. I'm an iPhone addict.
3. I grew up in a village with 2000 people. But I have managed to travel a lot, live abroad, and now I live in a huge city!

May we know what your profession or occupation is? 
Right now I am a full time student. I'm nearly finished with my degree in Elementary Education. Hopefully, in 2014 I will be teaching Kindergarten or First Grade.
Mauer Power
Allison and a green river in Chicago!
P.S. For Christmas 2012, Allison's mum bought a handbag from my Etsy store. I love catching glimpses of this little bag on Instagram when Allison goes shopping, or when Mauer wants to say he likes the bag too :D

Recorded on May 25, 2013.


  1. Hello Allison! :) Nice to meet you and your adorable kitty Mauer! Cat moms rock!!!

  2. Ally was my Christmas swap package partner and she sent me the BEST package - I love Mauer!!

    1. :) I bet Mauer would love you too!

  3. Hello Allison, and I love your cat! :D

  4. Hi Allison! Glad to meet a fellow and soon to be educator :)

    I'm always looking forward to read your series Juanita.

  5. of course ... another catlover ;-)))) what a beautiful cat! Glad to meet you Ally.

  6. Hi allison, you have a really cute cat :D i'm thinking of getting a white cat too. but i have a yorkshire terrier so im still contemplating if its a good idea. :)


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