Thursday, June 6, 2013

8-Piece Leather Bag - Selfish Sewing

If I'm honest, I sought out a heavy duty sewing machine just to work on these leather pieces. Insane? When I saw these handsome leather swatches, my thrift-shopping / "Brocki" mates nudged me to go on and buy them; I could make phone cases with them, one said. No, I want a leather bag...

This would have been my first time sewing leather, and believe me, sewing thick leather is not for the ignorant (me). There were a few learning curves; after each sewing stage, I'd take a break. Maybe it was also because I had no idea of the type of bag I wanted, so this bag turned out to be a long work-in-progress that began on May 7th 2013.

June 3rd was the final day -- the day I decided it was going to be a bag à la Juanita Tortilla style.

Overall, I am feeling "mission accomplished", but doubtful if I will tackle leather again. But well done, my little sewing machine! And we didn't use special needles for this task, breaking only 1.


  1. It turned out great! It looks like a nice, sturdy bag.

  2. It did really look good! It must have been so heavy to do!

  3. Amazing! -wanna make me a stained glass lamp shade...? ;) I'd wager that what you could produce would be better than what I just found at the Brocki.

  4. Well done! I like how you made the strap with parts of the leather that had holes. :D Truly a unique creation! Have you used it already?


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