Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friendly Feature: Wasted Fashion - An Exercise in Trivial Pursuits

Chloe is an old buddy of mine and gracing us as my first Friendly Feature. Our paths crossed in our early years -- we were Primary school classmates, and I call her Esther. Esther has been super supportive of my craft adventures, my life in general, and is the kind of friend that would take days off from work to entertain and simply hang out with boring old me. Please meet my friend with a big heart, Chloe:

Tell us when you started blogging, and why?
I started blogging in October of 2009 at the suggestion of my friend Michelle Yeo who thought that I should document what I wear. I wasn't really conscious of what I was wearing at that time and had no style at all, but I noticed that people often asked me where I got my clothes and accessories. When I first started, I didn't have an idea how long I'd keep it up and if I even had any sense of what I was actually doing. I'd say I have somewhat gotten better at what I do in the last 1 year. wastedfashion is essentially a fat-shion lifestyle blog and the aim is just to have fun, be frivolous and embrace the self.

How do you like to spend your weekends?
I work probably about 30 weekends a year so really - I spend my days preparing for work, being at work and coming back from work. On weekends that I don't, it's split evenly between running around and making full use of the day - meeting friends, spending time at home with the family or doing family-oriented things, cleaning/laundry, running errands; and resting - sleeping in till late, largely being catatonic, lying in bed reading, watching a DVD in my bedroom like a good ol' spinster, leaving my room to maybe shower/eat that 1 meal.

Do you have a favourite dish / cuisine / style of cooking?
I cook and eat everything. These days because I'm vegetarian, I prepare many meals myself. I don't have a favourite cuisine but my favourite things to eat are tofu, cheese pizzas, eggs, ketchup, noodles and cupcakes.

In the bookstore or library, at which section are we most likely able to find you?
I read almost everything. You will find me at the SALE section, if not, latest releases where I buy only my favourite authors e.g. Chuck Palahniuk, Douglas Coupland and Kazuo Ishiguro. I don't like the library as much because about 15 years ago, I decided I preferred owning books rather than sharing them with strangers.

Share with us 3 interesting facts about yourself.
- I grew up with a Thai nanny who spoke Thairish, nagged in Thai and sang traditional Thai lullabies.
- I have basically lived in the same house in Sennett Estate in Singapore for the better part of 30 years.
- I have 6 tattoos, including Darth Vader on right shoulder.

If you find Chloe familiar, that's because she co-organized the 12 Days of Christmas Swop with me, last year :)

Recorded on May 21, 2013


  1. The first feature!!!

    Hi Chloe! :) Heading to your equally unique and great blog :)

  2. I love this feature! :) Thank you for introducing lovely Chloe! Hi Chloe! :)

  3. Hi Chloe! .) Well, it makes sense that you work 30 weekends a year when I read it again! You live in Singapore! ;) Heading over to say hello! ;) And nice dress! .)

  4. Hi Chloe! Nice to read more about you. I had a lot of fun being your Santa during the Xmas swap! :D

  5. I know this lady is a very good friend of yours! She always looks so cool, doesn't she?!


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