Sunday, May 5, 2013

2013's Jewelry Remix!

Last week (Week 13) saw some intense beading. I poured everything I had onto plastic plates, gave it a good mix, and started afresh. This time, I had a clear idea of the style I wanted, and I am / was to create things in a manner or technique that was going to make me happy.

When I used up every little bead I had, there was the Rocky's victory dance. (Yes, fists in the air and jogging on the spot.) Fluffy simply ignored me. Of course, he's just a house cat.

I didn't think I could finish the beads. Each and every creation made me smile. Honest to goodness. But, man, did my eyes strain...

I'm done, guys. No more loose beads left un-touched to taunt me.

Here are the 15 very special jewelry sets. I hope you like them, and that they will make you or someone else happy, too.

15 special sets for 2013 = Mission Accomplished

10. Pina Colada, 11. Peppermint, 12. Jade,
13. Frog Prince, 14. Earthy, 15. Cobalt

Now, time to move on to more Juanita Tortilla bags...


  1. Now those are some lovely pieces you created! Of course I can't stop smirking about your decorated cat, hahaha!

  2. WOW, you've been so creative and busy, Juanita!!! They ALL look gorgeous!
    Fluffy looks absolutely adorable too! :D And I just loved the image of you doing the "Rocky dance" LOL! ;D

  3. Wow Juanita - those are some seriously pretty pieces - perfect for summer. Does that mean the end of your beading career??


    1. Quite so, Vicky. I would like to move on to sewing. Although, there are still metal wires and some jewellery findings left around... I'll just hold on to them in case I decide to pick up beads again :)

  4. I love Fluffy!!!! He is so pretty!!!! I miss having a cat around! A life without a cat is very new to mee...


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