Tuesday, April 23, 2013

US Diary 10: Eye Update

At the eye center. Apr.12.13

Apr.12.2013 -- The appointed morning for my visit to the Eye Center here finally came. I was nervous and pessimistic, as I always am, because no eye check has ever given me good news.

This was my first visit at this center -- new opthamologist, new record, the works. I had with me the letter from the Swiss opthamologist reporting my condition, in German, which I loosely translated and printed out. Didn't like what I read; "many degenerations", "peripheral degenerations", and such.

While waiting for the opthamologist, the nurse attending to me and I had a nice chat. That took away the anxiety; what a different experience to being tongue-tied and dummified in the Swiss-German environment. There was something similar, though: I am always a generation younger than the rest in the waiting room.

I was told by a nurse that this opthamologist is the best, so I couldn't wait to see what (more bad) things he was going to tell me. My eyes were looked at very briefly, and he was fascinated. "Ooh, there's the tear..." What?!? Another tear?, I asked quite half-expectantly. It wasn't, thankfully -- he was referring to the good laser job the previous Swiss German opthamologist had done 2 years ago.

And then came a "Hmm..." when he looked at my other less problematic eye.
"Did you know you've got cataracts?"
I hung my head in dismay, which made him apologise for saying the C word. It's one thing after another.

Despite the gloomy eye report, this jovial opthamologist made me leave the room with a mood in a 180-degree flip. I wished him a very good day for telling me that he won't do anything to the cataracts till I'm 75. As if! With my luck, that statement won't hold past my turning 40 (just a few years away).

Yes, I have eyes of a 65-year-old, but I'll just have to shrug and say "Whatever."
I'll see what I'll see, and maybe it's time I stop dreaming about having a private Cessna, or hot air balloon rides.


  1. Can't believe the doctor said that... sometimes these doctors are too cheerful and don't tell you anything constructive. I hope there won't be a need for an operation for many years to come. *hugs*

  2. So sorry to hear, and he obviously should need a crash course in better bedside manners! :S


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